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How does one eliminate rabbits from the garden

Apply to flower and/or vegetable garden areas plus an 8 ft. perimeter. Should the problem persist, apply a second application within 3-4 weeks.

Apply 2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (may be applied to dry or wet lawn). Apply to any area where rabbits are a problem. Before mowing, water down area where product was applied.

Storage and Disposal

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Do cottontail rabbits live in large colonies?

We have a litter of baby rabbits in our yard and my daughter wants to keep one. What are the dangers and is this even possble?

I have recently adopted two baby bunnies. When I woke up this morning to feed them one of them had hair missing and seemed to be chewing his leg. What should I do? FYI: I have had wild rabbits in the past and have kept them alive for years.

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